Meet our new RA, Alleria Li !

2024年4月から新しいRAに就任したAlleria Liさんをご紹介!

Hi, today we are going to introduce you to our new RA, Alleria Li. She is currently a year-long Exchange Student at Waseda University in the School of International Liberal Studies. She is from the U.S. and attends the University of California, Davis majoring in Design.

Why Japan, Why U Share?

I had been taking Japanese courses since my first quarter of college up until the end of my second year. I really wanted to get better at Japanese so I thought to myself, what is a better way of learning Japanese than living in Japan? So here I am! After coming to Japan, living in U Share, taking Japanese classes at university and even getting a part-time job in a retail store helped me improve my Japanese significantly.

What do you like about U Share?

I love how this is such a close-knit community and that everyone always says “hi” to one another whenever they meet in the building. I enjoy the small talk and catching up with residents whom I have not seen in a long time. At U Share, residents also have opportunities to meet and connect with people who share similar or completely different backgrounds. This is not just a dorm where people live, but a community where everyone is open to getting to know each other from a deeper and personal level.  

What is your mission as a RA?

As a new RA, my mission is to foster a strong sense of community within U Share. I plan to achieve this by organizing various events that bring residents together and facilitate meaningful connections.

Any messages for people considering U Share?

If you are moving to Japan and are searching for a home far away from home, U Share is the place for you! The contract process is very easy, everything can be done online in English. Before moving in, there was an online meet-up session with one of our staff and was able to clear up all the questions that I had before moving in. I highly recommend it to someone like me who is looking for accommodation in Japan from overseas.

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Frequently Asked Questions
For being eligible to apply, do I have to be a university student?
Yes. Any individual enrolled in any type of higher education program is eligible to apply to live at U Share Student Nishi Waseda.
What furniture items comes with each room?
Each room comes with a bed (frame, mattress, sheets, pillows, blanket included), wardrobe, table, table lamp, above-table shelf, and airconditioning.
Can I go to visit U Share Student Nishi Waseda to see the space before applying, and if so, when?
Yes, you can make a reservation through our website contact form informing us of your preferred dates and times for visiting. We will then contact you directly to schedule a visit.
What are the educational and career seminars and how often are they held?
We hold various events regularly throughout the year. This includes inviting individuals to talk about their past experiences and knowledge, or inviting professionals with abundant experience in the real world, giving residents opportunities to find their own career path.
Living Together, Growing Together.
Living Together, Growing Together.
Living Together, Growing Together.
Living Together, Growing Together.