Frequently Asked Questions

What are the education/career seminars, and how often are they held?

We hold various events regularly throughout the year. This includes inviting individuals to talk about their past experiences and knowledge, or inviting professionals with abundant experience in the real world, giving residents opportunities to find their own career path.

Are the education/career seminars or events mandatory?

Participation is ideally mandatory.

Is there a curfew?

No, there is no curfew.

How does the security system operate?

There is a built-in security system in the elevator to get to certain floors and keys to each suite and each private room. Getting into shared spaces also has a built-in security system which is for residents only.

Is drinking allowed?

Drinking underage is prohibited. However, if older than 20, drinking is allowed (with caution to safe drinking).

Is smoking allowed?

Smoking inside the building space is prohibited.

Are pets allowed?

Having pets inside the building space is prohibited.

Who do I contact if I encounter problems (i.e. room, roommates, concerns)?

There are Resident Assistants (RA’s) that you can reach out to. If the problem is beyond what they can help you with, you can contact the operator.

Can friends, family members, and partners visit U Share Nishi Waseda?

Through an invitation only and registration of the guests coming, non-residents are allowed into spaces within the building.

Is there Wi-Fi provided?

Yes, Wi-Fi is provided for both each suite and communal areas.

Are there laundry machines and dryers provided?

Yes, both are provided for each floor.

Are the showers shared?

Each floor has a shower room (bathtub included) that is shared by residents of that floor.

What amenities are included in the kitchen?

The kitchen comes with 2 gas stoves, a sink, a large fridge (freezer included), a microwave oven, and shared storage space.

Is there parking spaces for the bikes?

Parking inside the building space is prohibited.

How often is cleaning conducted?

Cleaning of shared spaces is conducted once a week.

What furniture items comes with each room?

Each room comes with a bed (frame, mattress, sheets, pillows, blanket included), wardrobe, table, table lamp, above-table shelf, and airconditioning.

Are there any furnitures not allowed to bring?

Any large furniture that will not fit within the space provided to you (i.e. your individual room) such as piano, large bookshelves, sofas, etc.

Can you play instruments in your room?

Excluding the shared B1F lounge floor, it is in principle not allowed. We ask that all residents avoid making loud noise.

Is there a key for each individual room?

Yes, keys to each private room are provided.

What communal areas are there?

On B1F, there is a library lounge and a small tearoom. There is also a rooftop terrace with a barbeque. On the first floor there is a cafe open not only to residents but also to the public.

Are the communal areas open 24/7?

Communal areas for residents (B1F and rooftop) are open 24/7.

What is the application process?

There is a an interview.

What do I need to prepare for the application process?

In the interview screening, we ask for some basic personal information and then two questions in English. For details, please refer to our Application Guidelines which we have posted on our website.

Can I go to visit U Share Nishi Waseda to see the space before applying, and if so, when?

Yes, you can make a reservation through our website contact form informing us of your preferred dates and times for visiting. We will then contact you directly to schedule a visit.

For being eligible to apply, do I have to be a university student?

Yes. Any individual enrolled in any type of higher education program is eligible to apply to live at U Share Nishi Waseda.

How long does it take to hear back after the interview screening?

It takes about 3 days.

Who do I contact if I have questions regarding my application?

You can contact us through the inquiry form on our website and we will email you back individually.

How long is the contract period?

In principle, we expect all the residents to live for 2 years, but depending on the situation, we may accept more or less. Should you have specific circumstances, please let us know.

Can I choose the room or is it chosen for me automatically?

In principle, we allocate vacant rooms for you. Should you have spefic interests, please let us know.

How much is the initial cost?

Depending on the room, the intial cost varies from 397,300 – 409,800 (including first month of rent) .

What does the initial admission fee include?

The initial admission fee includes admission contract procedures, key/ID issuance fee, cleaned furniture and bedding set, orientation, etc. This fee is non-refundable.

Is there a leaving fee when the contract period has ended?

Yes. When moving out, there is a 15,000 yen cleaning fee, linen replacement fee of 12,000 yen, and key information deletion fee of 2,000 yen (total: 29,000 yen). There might be a charge for the potential damages to the property.

What is the common service fee?

The common service fee covers costs for maintenance and management of common areas. For example, electricity charges for common areas, maintenance and replacement charges for common lights, water charges for common areas, cleaning fees for garbage storage areas, electricity charges for elevators, regular inspection charges, and cleaning not included in the regular cleaning fee.

What are casualty insurance costs?

In addition to your individual room, this applies to damage in shared living/dining/kitchen space and bathrooms. However there may some items not covered by the insurance depending on the case, .

What is the guarantee fee and will it be returned?

The guarantor fee guarantees the custody of the student as U Share in the event that the student causes some kind of problem, as well as the operating costs involved. In principle, guarantee fee will be amortized fully at the time of move-out.

Some examples of such include:

  • Response in the event of police or firefighting incidents due to behavioral problems, etc., and cooperation with various places
  • Collaboration with administrative agencies and parents in the case of long-term absence or missing without knowing whereabouts, investigation and reporting of the situation by entering the room, etc.
  • Response when problems occur in the common areas of the whole building other than the common areas of one’s own room or suite (noise, neighborhood response, vomiting and stains, fire pits, etc.)
  • Collaboration with medical institutions as needed in case of sudden illness or injury.

What if I am unable to obtain a joint guarantor?

As long as you use our partner guarantor company, you can sign the contract. However, please be aware that there are some cases where the guarantor company will require you to submit information about your joint guarantor.

What is the membership fee?

This is an annual fee that covers education and career services and event participation expenses (including equipment, etc.) held at U Share. This fee is non-refundable.

What does the regular cleaning fee cover?

The cleaning fee covers a weekly cleaning of the common areas on each floor, excluding private rooms. Cleaning of entrance, elevator, garbage storage, etc. are also included in common service fees.

Can I end my contract period early and is there a penalty for this?

As long as you inform us 3 months in advance and make a payment of 2 months’ cancellation penalty, you can terminate the contract.

Is there a cancellation penalty if you stay less than the minimum required 6 months?

You will be required to pay rent for the remaining months out of the 6 months in addition to the cancellation penalty.

Is there an insurance/provision in case I am not allowed in the country because of Covid or I am asked to return to the US because of it?

In principle, as the leasing contract states, the penalty fee will be required for you to terminate the contract. However, we understand that there might be a force majeure, and if we encounter such kind of events, we will consider the necessary guidelines and act properly. We will have a conversation and try to be flexible on this matter.

Do all the written costs include connsumption tax?

Yes, the written costs in the contract are all inclusive of consumption tax.

Do I need to enroll in comprehensive housing insurance?

We do not have a set principle that you have to.

Is there a possibility to renew my contract?

You can both extend and renew your contract based on the agreement between the leaser and the lessee.

Is there a fee for renewing the contract?

Yes, there is a renewing fee of JPY 15,000 (w/o tax).

Is there a specific move-in period?

We conduct admission twice a year, one in spring and another in autumn. If there are vacant rooms, however, we conduct rolling admissions for those wish to move in.

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