Admissions for spring 2023 is now open

2023年春 U Share西早稲田 寮生募集開始のお知らせ

2023年春期入居となるU Share 西早稲田の初期メンバー(1期生)の募集を開始しました。 全世界から幅広く優秀かつ個性的な人材を募ります。皆様のご応募をお待ちしております。




  • 自身の人生、生き方とひたむきに向き合い、常に挑戦・成長していたいとの強い意志を持つ方
  • 多様性を理解・尊重し、新たな価値観を受け入れることのできる柔軟な発想力を持つ方
  • 社会貢献への強い気概、これからの社会を「デザイン」していくことに興味を持つ方
  • U Shareの理念に共感し、運営プログラムやイベントに主体的に参加する意志を持つ方







①エントリー → ②オンライン面接 → ③合否通知・入居



U Share運営チームとの個人面接を行います。なお、英語力は評価軸に含まれておりません。

・Why do you want to be a U Share community member?
・What passion do you wish to share with other residents?




何かご不明な点、ご相談等ございましたら、U Share Resident Office (resident_office@u-share.com)までご連絡ください。

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Frequently Asked Questions
For being eligible to apply, do I have to be a university student?
Yes. Any individual enrolled in any type of higher education program is eligible to apply to live at U Share Student Nishi Waseda.
What furniture items comes with each room?
Each room comes with a bed (frame, mattress, sheets, pillows, blanket included), wardrobe, table, table lamp, above-table shelf, and airconditioning.
Can I go to visit U Share Student Nishi Waseda to see the space before applying, and if so, when?
Yes, you can make a reservation through our website contact form informing us of your preferred dates and times for visiting. We will then contact you directly to schedule a visit.
What are the educational and career seminars and how often are they held?
We hold various events regularly throughout the year. This includes inviting individuals to talk about their past experiences and knowledge, or inviting professionals with abundant experience in the real world, giving residents opportunities to find their own career path.
Living Together, Growing Together.
Living Together, Growing Together.
Living Together, Growing Together.
Living Together, Growing Together.