Resident’s Voice #11 – Shanae Sung –

入居者インタビュー #11: Shanae Sungさん

Shanae Sung

She was born in Singapore and raised in Australia. Studied abroad at Waseda University for 2 semesters and currently interning in Japan. One of the 2022 New Colombo Plan Scholars.


  1. Q. Why Japan, Why U Share?
  2. Q. What do you like about U Share?
  3. Q. Any messages for people considering U Share?

This time, we have an interview with a current resident of U Share Nishi-Waseda, Shanae Sung who has been in Japan since September 2022. She has been living in the U Share for over a year now and is planning to stay at U Share until December 2023.

We asked her what brought her to U Share, and how her life in Japan has been.

Why Japan, Why U Share? 

I wanted to study abroad since I have always lived with my family and I believed that it would be a good opportunity to become more independent. Japan seemed to be a good place to try. Japan is a very safe place with great food and I was lucky enough to receive a scholarship from the Australian government. 

I found out about U Share through a Google search. I chose U Share because, compared to  Waseda University’s dorm, it seemed like less adjustment was needed. U Share wasn’t big so I thought it would be easier for me to get to know everyone and since it’s main language is English, I thought it would be easier for me to settle in. I also liked that it’s close to Waseda University. 

What do you like about U Share?

One thing I like about U Share is that everyone is very open and friendly. I heard from my friends that at a lot of the university dorms,  they don’t get to communicate with their roommates, but I think U Share residents were very welcoming. On the first day I moved in, my roommate shared her shampoo with me since I didn’t have one yet. I had times when I felt really lonely but my roommates were there and it made me feel so much better. 

I also liked that U Share has a grand opening at the beginning of the semester, where we get to meet the other roommates and also understand the rules of U Share. This was a good chance for me to know what I can expect in my dorm life because the rules were clarified in the beginning, I think it made my life here easier. 

Any messages for people considering U Share? 

One piece of advice I would give is to get an online tour of U Share if possible, so that you have a better idea of what you expect. I was personally surprised by how small my room is! 

Overall, life at U Share is fun, so just be open for things to be different from what you’re expecting. Also, don’t forget to ask for help. I reached out to my roommate and that has helped me so much when living away from home in a new country!

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Frequently Asked Questions
For being eligible to apply, do I have to be a university student?
Yes. Any individual enrolled in any type of higher education program is eligible to apply to live at U Share Student Nishi Waseda.
What furniture items comes with each room?
Each room comes with a bed (frame, mattress, sheets, pillows, blanket included), wardrobe, table, table lamp, above-table shelf, and airconditioning.
Can I go to visit U Share Student Nishi Waseda to see the space before applying, and if so, when?
Yes, you can make a reservation through our website contact form informing us of your preferred dates and times for visiting. We will then contact you directly to schedule a visit.
What are the educational and career seminars and how often are they held?
We hold various events regularly throughout the year. This includes inviting individuals to talk about their past experiences and knowledge, or inviting professionals with abundant experience in the real world, giving residents opportunities to find their own career path.
Living Together, Growing Together.
Living Together, Growing Together.
Living Together, Growing Together.
Living Together, Growing Together.