【Event Report】#12 Share Your Story x Professionals

SYSP #12 スピーカー松浦 光宏さん イベントレポート

~ Career advice I learned throughout my life ~

What is Share Your Story x Professionals (SYSP)?

SYSP is a program provided by U Share to give residents the chance to meet people who could be potential role models. By hearing about their various experiences, we hope to give residents the chance to broaden their views and provide them with an opportunity to think more about their own careers.

Career Advice -Mindsets that empower you to take control of your life

On July 27th, we had our second Share Your Story x Professionals event of 2023. Mitsuhiro Matsuura gave us inspiring career advice that empowers you to take control of your life. He gave us advice from two main aspects: mindsets and attitudes. Below is a list of the advice and the lessons he shared with the residents.

Career Advice (Mindsets)

  1. Trust your instinct & feelings (especially about what you want to do)
  2. Say it / Turn into an aciton
  3. Prioritize and do things that you can do only right now
  4. It’s okay to escape
  5. Respect yourself
  6. But even when you are in intermission, do something, try something different
  7. Don’t overreact to the word “risk.” Most are not really risks anyway
  8. Be nice to people
  9. Act fast
  10. Be selfish (sometimes)

Mitsuhiro decided to move to the U.S. when he was 10 years old, and he followed through with his plan after he graduated from Japanese elementary school. It was an easy decision for him to make because he was strongly drawn to the idea of living in the U.S. The decision he made purely out of his interest and curiosity led him to stay there until he graduated from Carnegie Mellon University.

After he came back to Japan, he went to the Tokyo Institute of Technology and graduated with a master’s degree in engineering. He was able to achieve such success despite a language barrier and cultural difference. He then started his career, but it did not go as smoothly as he expected because of several circumstances related to his own private life and the working environment. Even in the hardest periods in his life, he had to still make difficult decisions and push himself to carry on with his life. He emphasized the importance of removing yourself from toxic environments if necessary, always respecting others even in your hardest moments, focusing on things you truly love and keep burning the light of your passion inside you.

After Mitsuhiro overcame all the hardships, he decided to start his own design firm, which was his longest dream. As a founder, he taught us some very important mindsets which are the importance of taking risks, getting outside of the comfort zone knowing that there is not much to lose, acting fast when the chance has come, and standing up for yourself when necessary.

Career Advice -Attitudes you should have

Career Advice (Attitudes)

  1. Know your strengths
  2. Differentiate yourself from others
  3. Gain experiences (though traveling, working for different companies, exploring more fields)
  4. Be curious / have interest in people
  5. Meet people / meet older people (be in a network)
  6. Try to make as many mistakes as possible ➡ that shows you are taking an action / doing different things
  7. Work hard
  8. Move fast

Mitsuhiro also shared essential attitudes that help to advance their career. Self-reflection, open mindset, and taking action were three big attitudes he emphasized. Knowing your own strength and your true value will help you connect with other people and make you differentiate from one another. As you continue to take on challenges based on what you have experienced, you will discover new insights, build up your current connections, and hone your own abilities.

Mitsuhiro finished up his presentation with these questions: What is your passion? How do you differentiate yourself? Thinking about the answers to these questions is really the first step towards a bright and successful future.

【Speaker Profile】

Mitsuhiro Matsuura is the founder and design director at designFreak Co.Ltd. After graduating from Carnegie Mellon University. He pursued architectural study at Tokyo Institute of Technology for a master’s degree. He then worked for Tezuka Architects, Atelier Bow-Wow, Gensler, and WeWork/Powered by We, expanding his focus from architecture to interior design. Eventually, he established his own design firm, designFreak, and is now working on a global scale with a variety of creative teams.
1st-Class Registered Architect / LEED AP

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