Personal room with complete privacy

A space with sophisticated design,that is just for you,where everything is sufficient with just one baggage that you bring in. Furnished with home appliances/air conditioner/key lock/Bedding leasing available/Wifi available

Shared living room

A shared living/dining room designed with 6 professionals as one unit(Group) to maintain the optimum balance of sharing and distance. “Share” some quality time through various forms,such as sharing your passion,sharing business ideas,and sharing recipes to each other’s national dishes. You can also use it freely for your own events and projects.
Fully equipped bar &kitchen utensils/air conditioner/security for each floor (group)/regular cleaning

Work Station/Meeting Room

A workstation that is extremely close to your home,yet has adequate privacy,is now essential for remote work. Use the workstation flexibly,like a studio that can be used as a shared office. You might be able to finish more tasks than you expect.
Shared officeavailable/Virtual office registrationavailable/Online Call/English business service

Rooftop terrace/bar

An open-air rooftop terrace,where you can enjoy BBQ &Craft Beer Nights with U Share members during warm seasons. You can project a movie on the screen and host a movie night,do yoga in the morning.. and the ideas for use are endless. You can also enjoy the glamping service,and food services in cooperation with the 7th Bar on the 1st floor.

Car sharing

Fully equipped with Tesla Model X,the world’s fastest and safest SUV with a full EV that seats up to 7 people. Enjoy excursions and trips with U Share members. It can be used for activities unique to the professional version and family version,as well as for business use.
Tesla Model X/Reservation required/Only cleaning fee,charging fee,insurance fee,etc.

Easy-to-use equipment

Separate bath and toilet,with a bathtub,allows you to relax and heal your daily fatigue. The toilet is also equipped with a washlet and clean utilities. There is a washing machine and dryer on each floor,so you can always do your laundry without waiting. Regular cleaning for the communal spaces will also be done,so you can enjoy a comfortable U Share life without any hassle.

Tea room “Share-An”/Guest room

Tenshin Okakura,who became the director of the Japan Pavilion at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston,described the tea room as the “ultimate salon” in “The Book of Tea”. Enjoy the special hospitality in this tea room located in the alley of the Japanese garden. The design of the “Japanese-style room” has an interesting flexibility. It can be used for various purposes such as guest accommodation,intimate group work with a different atmosphere than usual,and meditation space. Spend some special,soothing time at “Share-An”,a space with the concept of gratitude and sharing.

7th Bar

The main common space used for various events in U Share Minami Aoyama,the 7th Bar,is a lively space that changes its expression 24 hours a day. You can have a healthy breakfast with great coffee in the morning,and in the daytime you can not only use it as a lunch space but also as a base for group work. In the evening,you can share the Japanese Izakaya culture with the U Share members from all over the world. It will be transformed into a library cafe that opens until late at night. Feel free to use this space to socialize and host various events!

Kitchen Studio “U Share Kitchen”

Food is a “universal language”. Hosting events such as sushi lessons in English,and Chinese food and Indian food parties,the U Share Kitchen is a showcase for members to impress others with their unique recipes and cooking skills from all over the world.
Fully equipped kitchen/with regular cleaning/can be used for group work and presentations

Ensured security

U Share Minami Aoyama provides comfortable security with smart locks. Firstly,we have security at the main gate,then a flexible and easy-to-use security with a membership system for authentication at the entrance,and ensures access security in each guest room. We ensure a safe and seamless security that does not hinder community formation.

A rich collection of art and business books from around the world

U Share Minami Aoyama’s Stair Library has a collection of art and business books from around the world. It can be used as a book cafe along with a shared kitchen. You can use it for various purposes such as reading a book while taking a break at your favorite place,or taking it to a Work Station for reference.

Cambridge Brick &White

Cambridge,Massachusetts,a city dotted with world-renowned universities such as Harvard and MIT. With the inspiration from the interdisciplinary cityscape,we fused them with the local building technology and culture in Japan. While using the “Cambridge Brick” and “Cambridge White” that are actually used in Harvard dormitories as accents,the building design has both modern architectural functions and earthquake-resistant durability.