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Jan. 2021 OPEN

U Share Nishi Waseda

On January 2021, "U Share Nishi-Waseda" will open at Nishi Waseda. THe concept of "sharing" here is not just about sharing a place of living, but a place where people could share their experiences, activities and dreams - creating communities and discovering a new element in the city. At "U Share Nishi-Waseda", we are currently inviting those who share our belief to become our first members (limited to 30 members). Come make your valuable university life more worthwhile with us!


Available Rooms

We are looking for students who are interested in living in U Share Nishi Waseda from January 2021. Please drop by our coffee chat if you are intersted.


Nishi Waseda 201


Details coming soon...

Nishi Waseda 202


Details coming soon...

Nishi Waseda 203


Details coming soon...


2-18-25 Nishi Waseda, Shinjuku, Tokyo JAPAN 169-0051

9 minutes walk from Takadanobaba Station
5 minutes walk from Nishi Waseda Station


Private Room

This room is deigned for ease of use so that you will be able to start your life right after you move in.

Furnished with appliances/ room air conditioners/ key lock/ lendable linens/ free WI-FI

Common Living Space

In order to keep an appropriate distance from your roommates while enjoyning shared time & space, this common space is desinged to share with three to four people. Let's share a fulfilling time with your roommates through a variety of "shares"; learn from each other, share your business ideas with each other, and cook your country's cuisines for each other.

Furnished with kitchen appliances/ room air conditioners/ (group) access security in each floor/ regular cleaning services

Agito 24/7

Shared space

Agito 24-7 is a common space used for the special events in U Share. It shows various expressions throughout the day with full of cheerful activities; In the morning, you can have a healthy breakfast with a delicious coffee, and in the afternoon, you can use here for group work as well as for lunch. In the evening, let's share the Izakaya culture with U Share members from all over the world. In the night time, Agito becomes a library cafe which stays open until late at night so you can study hard with other students who missed their last train.

Furnished with a projector and an audio equipment/ 50 seats in total (in association with 1F street-level craft bar)/ function of common library/ membership system at night/ be able to cooperate with rooftop terrace

Kitchen Studio, "U Share Kitchen"

Shared space

"The food is the common language". "U Share Kitchen" is a good place for U Share members to show off their cooking skills, such as sushi lesson in English and chinese/indian food parties. Since there are many cooking lovers in U Share founding members, we will hold the kitchen studio parties regularly.

Furnished with kitchen appliances/ regular cleaning services/ be able to use for group works and presentations

The Tea-ceremony Room "Tenshinan"/ Guest Room

Tea room/guest room

Okakura Tenshin, the director of Japanese pavilion of Boston art museum, states in his book, the book of tea, that the tea-ceremony room is an ultimate salon. Please enjoy special "omotenashi" in this room which is located in the top floor. Also, the design of "japanese-style room" has an interestig flexibility. You can accommodate your guest in this room, or you can do the intimate groupwork in this room for a change.

Furnished with tea utensils/ futon/ karesansui terrace

The Rooftop Terrace/ Bar

Roof top terrace/bar

This is an open-air rooftop terrace. When it's the nice time of year, let's enjoy BBQ & craft beer night with all of U Share members. Not only that, the ideas of how to use this place are infinite; sometimes, you can watch the films using the screen or practice yoga in the morning. You can also enjoy food services and glamping services in association with 1F and underground Agito 24-7.

Furnished with external furnitures/ BBQ set/ utilities/ be able to use projectors

Security and Safety


U Share implements the three-factor authentication seucrity system. First step is an entrance authentication, second is the elevator control system (ensuring access security for each floor), and the last is security system for all individual rooms. This three-factor authentication security system ensures security and safety without inhibiting community formation.

The Latest and User-friendly Facilities


Since we have a bathtub on each floor, and a shower and a bathtub are separate from the toilet, you are able to relieve your fatigue from daily work. The facilities are well equipped with clean utilities, and we also have a toilet seat with budet functions. Moreover, we have a washing machine and a clothing drying machine on each floor so that you don't need to wait for a long period of time to do the laundries. We also have regular cleaning services which enable you to save your time and effort. Enjoy your comfortable life in U Share!

Cambriddge Brick & White


The design of the U Share is a fusion between local architectural culture and inspiration from the townscape of Cambridge, Massachusetts, where there is a Harvard University and MIT. As an accent, we use the "Cambridge brick" and "Cambridge White", which is actually used in the Harvard university dorm, while using the building design with both modern architectural functions and earthquake-resistant structures.


  • 賃料
  • 水光熱費、インターネット
  • 清掃費
  • 共益費
  • 損保(1年契約の場合)
  • 保証料
  • 初期入館費用+年間寮運営費用
  • 年間メンバーシップ料(教育、キャリアサービス、イベント参加費用等含む)


We carry out a lot of events for both residents and non-residents. If you are intersted in U Share, please feel free to join us!

19 Jul

Seminar for Studying Abroad


Get out of your comfort zone!

Details coming soon...

21 Sep

U Share Cocktail Night


U Share Cocktail Night "Make friends, build your Japanese Community!"

Details coming soon...

17 May

U Share Workshop


U Share Workshop - Future Community and Individuals -

Details coming soon...


Coffee Chat

We are holding coffee chats for whoever is interested. Please let us know your concerns and questions.

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