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Jan. 2021 OPEN

U Share Nishi Waseda

On January 2021, "U Share Nishi-Waseda" will open at Nishi Waseda. THe concept of "sharing" here is not just about sharing a place of living, but a place where people could share their experiences, activities and dreams - creating communities and discovering a new element in the city. At "U Share Nishi-Waseda", we are currently inviting those who share our belief to become our first members (limited to 30 members). Come make your valuable university life more worthwhile with us!


Available Rooms

We are looking for students who are interested in living in U Share Nishi Waseda from January 2021. Please drop by our coffee chat if you are intersted.


Nishi Waseda 201


Details coming soon...

Nishi Waseda 202


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Nishi Waseda 203


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Design and Facility

U Share provides the environment to live together and grow together with ideal friends by accepting each other's personality and respecting diversity. Furthermore, in U Share, there in a harmony of private and public.Once you step out of your completely private room, you will be surprised that there are various common spaces with many use; the kitchen studio in which you can take sushi lesson in English, tne rooftop bar, tne event space in which we hold the "pechakucha night", 24-7 library, and the tea-ceremony room. Please make the best use of rich and lively space and facilities unique to U Share which centers on the philosophy of the "Residential Education*".
*The dormitory system that most of the top schools in the world recommend.


Easy access to university campus

All U Share locate within walking distance of university campus. U Share is a residential education hub which bring together your friends and young global leaders from all over the world.



Residents have access to all the services below.

  • International and multilingual environment
  • Cultural Exchange
  • Career development support
  • High quality community with various backgrounds
International and multilingual environment
Daily life conversation with U Share members

U Share will generate the spontaneous language exchange through a variety of events such as "Movie Night", "Cooking Night", and "Cocktail Night". Therefore, you will acquire a foreign language (Both English & Japanese) like a native speaker and debate skills.

Coaching for Business English & Japanese

Bilingual mentors who have the working experiences in foreign affiliates or overseas branches will instruct you how to write the resumes, how to succeed in a job interview, how to write the business mails, how to respond the phone call, and so on.

Coaching for JLPT, TOEFL, and TOEIC

U Share will provide you the individual-oriented language education (For those who want to intensively study for Japanese and TOEFL/TOEIC, we will hold coaching services for JLPT and TOEFL/TOEIC, respectively), which consists of "Advice for effective learning methods and learning materials" and "coaching combining e-learning and practical lessons".

Details coming soon...

Cultural Exchange
Culture Learning

Bilingal mentors will help you deepen cross-cultural understanding through cultural events and field trips both inside and out side of U Share.

Culture Events

We will invite professionals from variety of fields and hold cultural events such as "Japanese tea ceremony" and "Sushi Night".

Field Trips

Volunteers can participate in the field trips in devastated areas or rural areas to expose to local culture.

Details coming soon...

Career development support

For each residents, U Share mentors, who have the personal connections both inside and outside of Japan, will introduce you fields and companies to succeed overseas.
U Share will support your career development through "career counseling" "career seminars" "matching with the business person who succeeds in the world" "internship introduction".

Details coming soon...

Career Seminars

U Share will provide the opportunity to let the residents know the fields to succeed overseas by holding the career events and inviting a variety of firms from popular start-up companies to famous leading companies. Also, by taking full advantage of the network with various companies, U Share always keeps internship information updated. Since we grasp each resident's dream and personality, we can introduce you a timely and accurate internship.

Incubation and funding

U Share provide incubation and consulting services including brushing up your business plan, supporting in founding company in Japan and seed investment etc.

Career counseling and coaching by entrepreneurs and business leaders

"I need the advice on career development", "I'm thinking of working for a overseas enterprise", "I want to work in a foreign country"...
U Share mentors who have different backgrounds (entrepreneurs, parallel career personnels, and people who works for Japanese companies, foreign affiliates, and overseas enterprises) will be considerate of each resident's feelings and worries, and seek the best suited career for each residents.

High quality community with various backgrounds

U Share is a one big global community where many students from all over the world, including Japanese students, live together. Daily interation with people from various backgrounds and values will enable you to earn high-level communication skills that are essential to become a global leader.

Details coming soon...

Sophisticated Japanese Design for Quality Interaction

A 24-hour access members-only library and common areas on each floor are just some of the amenities offered at this establishment. Following the belief that "spatial design" helps construct a conductive educational environment, our team of graduates from Harvard University School of Design offers high-quality living space that naturally encourage communication and cooperation.

Events and Workshops that boost your growth

Communal experiences at U Share are culturally vibrant, intellectually stimulating, socially integrated, and emotionally transformative. Membership is complimentary to U Share members - open to all.

Residence Assistant (RA) / Live-in Co-growth Manager

There are live-in Co-growth managers who supports you on your learning and career planning by their counseling and coaching skills. We provide you with an environment where you can speed your learning process up by talking to them. Moreover, there are RAs who support with your daily lives. They are chosen among the residents.


Start from coffee chat or joining us with one of our events. After you have submitted your application, we will schedule a interview and let you know the results.

U Share is English based selection method internantional dormitory. There will be application document selection and interviews to live in U Share to make sure all the residents understand the purposes.

Details coming soon...

Please feel free to contact us to have a coffee chat. We'd love to hear from you.

We are holding coffee chats for whoever is interested. Please let us know your concerns and questions.

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Coffee Chat

We are holding coffee chats for whoever is interested. Please let us know your concerns and questions.

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